Visual Display System Services


Protobox LLC has been a leader in visual display systems since 2000. With many of our systems being used by The United States Air Force it speaks to the quality we provide our clients. Whether a system is a simple multi panel low cost solution all the way up to our fully immersive systems Protobox always delivers the highest standard in visual experiences. We are well known for our “Octonian System” which is a fully immersive single operator 8 channel front, top and sides “out the window” system used for F-15, F-16, F22 and the JSF. Protobox prides itself in being steps ahead of our competition in visual display systems. With the introduction of our fully immersive multi-operator system “ICE BOX” a 9 channel 360° field of view system we pushed the frontier of simulator possibilities again. With the “ICE BOX” currently involved in human performance studies at WPAFB the opportunities to create a next generation of displays more interactive and realistic is in the works.

With our team of highly educated and recognized engineering professionals we push ourselves and our current systems daily to new heights. Our mission is succinct, challenge the standards of our displays and demand solutions to improve performance.