Custom Aerospace Research Simulation Services

carss picProtobox LLC is a leader in flight simulation solutions. Our team has proven experience conceptualizing, designing, prototyping, manufacturing and rebuilding / modifying flight simulator systems for various companies and the USAF. Our team comes with direct military simulator experience at almost every aircraft model level. With decades involved in the world of human performance testing specifically in the simulation field our scientist and engineers understand the user point of view better than most. Our simulator systems whether low cost or high end are designed with the user point of view mentality maximizing the subjects experience. Combine understanding the science of the user experience and its relationship within the boundaries of current technology we designed our systems to envelop realism to the best possible heights in any simulation scenario.

From a single pilot full immersive “Octonian System” 8 channel HD front, top and sides “out the window” system used for F-15, F-16, F22 and the JSF, all the way to the more affordable solutions that maximize COTS products in our LCS series of manned combat stations Protobox has a solution that fits your budget and delivers spectacular results. Our systems are fully customizable, whatever fits your needs we have a solution.