ICE ITOChq – Multi-Channel Immersive Tactical Operations Center (aka) ICE BOX



Protobox LLC designed, engineered, and constructed an Immersive Collaborative Environment Display System (“ICE BOX”) with its first customer being the Air Force Research Laboratories (AFRL) at WPAFB. Although initially intended for Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) studies, specifically determining the number of UAS that can be effectively piloted simultaneously. Because of its capabilities, the ICE Box is now being marketed as a Immersive Tactical Operations Center for Urban Telepresence applications as well. The sheer number of applications for this type of fully immersive system is still being realized. From DOD, Aerospace, Mining, Medical and Security Services applications to Gaming and Software Development Companies and as far reaching as Professional Sports teams.

• Minimum 2 person 360 degree display capability

• 52” eye relief

• Main display screens include distortion correction & blending

• Good downward Field Of View (FOV)

• Single high resolution overlays for additional chip-outs

• Flexible seating arrangement

• Flexible floor mounting scheme to accommodate test/equipment fixtures

• Display to accommodate multiple IG sources (at same video rate)

– -40 Deg Vertical FOV

– Designed to allow addition of other overlay channels

– 1 or 2 person seating

The ICE BOX is customizable to accomplish multiple objectives including full body gesture recognition, speech recognition and configurable sensor capability including multi-touch contextual interactions. The ICE Box has been designed with advanced interface technology for supervisory control performance and innovative visualization concepts utilizing novel display, mixed reality and immersive interfaces.

With these capabilities, the ICE Box is the perfect simulation tool for any study evaluating situational awareness.