ICE ITOCman Manuverable Version of ICE 4-Channel Immersive Display System (aka, ICEMAN, ICE180)


ICE 180

The ICE 180 was designed as a lower cost alternative to the “ICE BOX” but still giving the user an immersive experience. The ICE 180 provides the ability to have multiple users and an expanded audience behind the operators. This unit is well suited for tele-surgery events, teaching, training and coaching scenarios.

ICE 180

–  Small 4-channel implementation of ICE BOX

  • Intended for quick integration, development  and testing of human factor concepts
  • Sensor compatibilities similar to ICE Box
  • Includes front channel high resolution overlay
  • User selectable front channel view
  • Displays any FOV with IG offset to look angle
  • Single viewer

–   Features

  • –39” eye relief     (compared to 52” ICE Box, 38” Octonian)
  • 48” Design Eye Point
  • –180° horizontal; +90°, -40° vertical FOV
  • Same angular resolution as ICE Box
  • Unit size approx. 9.5’ wide x 5.5’ deep x 8’ tall
  • Including structure, projectors, etc.

–   Pricing

  • Affordable solution for the ICE BOX Fully Immersive System