NextGen Portable Flight Simulator


Flight Simulator and ATC

Protobox LLC was contracted by Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio to design and construct a portable flight simulator for the Federal Aviation Administration’s NextGen research program.  The simulator is used to study Air Traffic Control (ATC) and Pilot communications utilizing digital touchscreen technology as opposed to current radio communications.  Based on the Boeing 777, the simulator includes a full cockpit and an ATC control station.  The simulator can be easily disassembled and reassembled for mobility and portability.

Protobox worked with graduate students at Wright State to complete all aspects of the project from initial design drawings to final hardware and software modifications as well as all the necessary documentation (manuals).  Student participation was used as the basis for their Master’s Thesis.  The simulator has been used in various locations including several universities and commercial sites nationally, including Cessna in Wichita, Kansans.