Check~Point Bravo

(Pic should be of the Bravo deployed)

This unit was designed to not only flood your area with deployed light but also allow you the option to still have lighting without fully deploying the mast. This is best used in environments where you want to keep your lighting closer to the ground and mobile, i.e. vehicle checkpoint at gates etc. Bravo also includes a second camera for more complete video coverage.

LED Lighting; using our patented SL45 design which provides over 2700 lumens and over 200’ of light coverage as your primary flood and as your second light source we provide our fully adjustable SL45-LightBar unit with three independently adjustable LED housings which provide over 2700 lumens of lighting. The lights can be configured in a non-deployed mode making it fully mobile during operation.

2 HD Day/Night Camera; VIVOTEK IP8336W is a compact cube camera designed for indoor/outdoor surveillance. Equipped with a 1-megapixel sensor enabling viewing resolution of 1280×800 at a smooth 30 fps, the IP8336W is an all-in-one outdoor camera capable of capturing high quality, high resolution video. Incorporating an IR-cut filter that can be removed automatically at night and built-in IR illuminators with coverage of up to 5 meters, the IP8336W is an outstanding 24-hour surveillance solution.