Portable Light on Wheels


The birth of the idea for the Night Plow or the Portable Light On Wheels came after a friend of the Protobox founders returned from a tour in Afghanistan. He personally observed generators powering lighting at an overall loaded cost of $400.00 per gallon of diesel fuel. On top of the cost per operating hour the generators were loud and emitted countless emissions in the camps. The group now intrigued researched the need for portable powered lighting and found that during hurricane Sandy there were often generators but no fuel to power them leaving countless people in the dark at such a critical time. Realizing the need was sufficient they started their design.

The Protobox Engineers designed and prototype tested a unique portable Solar Field LED Light known as the nightPLOW powered exclusively by solar energy. The nightPLOW is a completely self-contained unit, built upon a compact lightweight aluminum trailer, using proprietary algorithmic software to maximize power usage before needing a single charge, all the while making sure it was set on the industries smallest most powerful platform. The unit can be managed under normal usage 4 nights without needing a single charge and recharges in under 10 hours of sun light. A fully configurable control unit loaded with every known deployment point in the world ensures the solar field light can be deployed to maximize solar exposure, energy capture, and be easily configured to utilize optional capabilities anywhere in the world. The nightPLOW exploits the latest technology and uses high efficiency and intensity LED lights with a life expectancy of over 50,000 hours. Additionally, because the solar panels have a life expectancy of over 20 years, and the batteries being the latest in sealed AGM technology have a life expectancy of <6 years under normal usage. The unit is designed for easy storage and transportation standing on pallets or being moved by an ATV its lightweight >80lb tongue weight and GWT of >900lbs makes it simple to move in any environment.

The nightPLOW can be modified to incorporate other options such as High Definition (HD) cameras and/or infrared light. The HD camera and infrared light have been designed to operate together as an optional “STEALTH” package mode while the LED lights are turned off. The nightPLOW can be setup by two individuals in less than 5 minutes and doesn’t require any tools.

With the continuing emphasis on reducing the carbon footprint, green requirements, increasing fuel costs, and ongoing conflicts and tensions in the world, the time for a nightPLOW type solution has arrived. With defense applications abroad and domestic impacts here at home (hurricane Sandy), the use of the nightPLOW solar field light has the capability to dramatically reduce domestic and foreign spending on fossil fuels and provide remote and emergency lighting when needed. Since the inception of our new line of portable lights Protobox has leveraged its background in LED lighting to launch a full line of Commercial, Residential and Military grade lighting solutions.

We offer two series of nightPLOW, the Check~Point Series and the See~Ray Series.