Aerospace Research Simulators

3 Low Cost Sim

The Protobox Manned Combat Station (MCS) is a low cost research cockpit ideal for any lab or research environment.  Each MCS is designed to reflect the ergonomic design of the modern fighter cockpit.  Protobox has designed and built cockpits similar to the F-15, F-16 and F-22.   Each MCS is constructed of a wood and aluminum framework with thermoplastic skins.  The MCS is modular in construction and can be easily disassembled to fit through a standard 32” wide doorway.   The MCS includes sticks, throttles and rudders for control.  A 24” HD LED touchscreen acts as the head down display and a 8” touch screen LED functions as an auxiliary center console display.  A high fidelity sound system with full-range stereo speakers and subwoofer is also integrated into the MCS.

A 50” – 70” LED monitor can easily be incorporated as the out the window display to convert the cockpit into a low cost simulator.

Several Manned Combat Stations are currently deployed in the Aerospace Systems Directorate at the Air Force Research Laboratories at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.