Research & Development Team

Name Redacted for Security & Privacy, Founder and Lead Scientific Engineer

Our Chief Scientist as a Lead Simulation Systems Engineer has over 37 years of experience in digital and electronic design, flight simulation research and development, and visual display development.  Experienced in prototype development of electronic circuitry including high speed FPGA design, video signal processing, and optical systems. With Protobox he has been the Project Engineer responsible for leading design and development of special purpose electronics, optics, flight simulation, and visual system projects.  Led development of simulated KC-135 Boom Operator Station and unique collimated visual display system used to conduct UAV refueling studies supporting Air Force research.  Principal investigator for Small Business Innovative Research projects including topics on simulator performance measurements, variable chromaticity PWM LED lighting system for Navy shipboard application, Advanced Concepts for Emergency Airfield Lighting using high power LEDs, and pilot spatial disorientation simulator training.  Designed 8-channel full field of view visual display for flight simulator applications. Our chief scientist also had a successful career as the Principal Scientist for the AFRL/VACD, Simulation & Assessment Branch and as the Electrical Engineer for the ASD/ENET, Simulation Engineering Branch. With a degree from Akron University in Electrical Engineering and published works on Embedded Simulator Test Evaluation Monitor to Improve Distributed Mission Training; IITSEC, 2002. Dynamic Latency Measurement Using the Simulator Network Analysis Project; AIAA, 1994. Electronic Visual Display Attitude Sensor (EVDAS) for Analysis of Flight Simulator Delays; AIAA, 1992.

Robert G. Kalinyak, President and Sr. Electrical Engineer

Mr. Kalinyak joined Protobox LLC in 2002 as a managing partner and eventually became the President and majority interest holder. Bob has over 30 years of Systems Engineering and Project Management experience to draw from. After a successful 20 year career with the USAF Civil Service as a Systems Engineer and Program Manager on various programs from the A-10 Unit Training Device (UTD), the F-16 New Digital Land Mass Simulator (NDRLMS) and GBU-15 Intermediate Part Task Trainer (IPTT). Since Bob joined Protobox he has been instrumental in the company’s success. Bob’s leadership and experience has lead Protobox to a leading government contracting firm with over 90 completed projects. With a degree from Wright State University in Systems Engineering with specialized training in DAU SYS201 Interim Systems Planning, Research, Development, Engineering and Certified as a Level III Acquisition Professional in Systems Planning, Research, Development and Engineering.

Carl Rickard, Lead Research & Development Product Manager

Carl Rickard brings over 29 years of application engineering experience to the Protobox team. As the Production Manager for all prototype design and development, problem analysis, hardware modification, ruggedized testing, integration and calibration of complex electro-mechanical equipment used in human-in-the-loop simulation. Mr. Rickard is solely responsible for all prototype fabrication and is proficient in electronic and mechanical troubleshooting, and precision system alignments using specialized test equipment. Carl has extensive experience in creating one off concepts that are easily. Technically educated and trained at The Ohio Institute of Technology.

Gary (Jeff) Slutz, Senior Software Engineer

Mr. Slutz received his BS in Computer Engineering from Wright State University, graduating Summa Cum Laude and his MS in Systems Engineering from Wright State University. Jeff was the Lead Engineer on the MAF DMO Network Latency Study conducted at the Air Force Research Laboratories.  As the Lead Engineer, he oversaw all aspects of the study, established the hardware and software baselines insuring comparable fidelity to current MAF DMO training simulators, developed the test matrixes and secured the flight test profiles required to properly execute testing.  Mr. Slutz oversaw all hardware and software modifications initiated during the study.  Mr. Slutz has developed and teaches the simulation training course for all AFRL new hires.  Mr. Slutz engineered and designed the Embedded Simulation Test Evaluation Monitor (ESTEEM) under an Air Force SBIR that isolated network latency in flight simulators and improved Distributed Mission Training.  Jeff has led or participated in several other critical simulator and network studies during his time at AFRL including: Tactical High Energy Utility Study, Boeing Advanced Theater Transport simulation, Supersonic Tailless Air Vehicle study, Speed Agile and Spartacus.

Blake Ward, Senior Software Engineer

Mr. Ward received his BS in Computer Engineering from DeVry University in 2005.  Mr. Ward has since received specialized training in numerous computer languages that allows for his effective work with existing flight simulators and visual display systems in the Air Force Research Laboratories (AFRL) at Wright-Patterson AFB.  Mr. Ward was the Primary Investigator on the MAF DMO Network Latency Study conducted at (AFRL).  During this study Mr. Ward: developed code necessary for testing Dead Reckoning Algorithms (DRAs) within VRLink, developed the report analysis program utilized to quantify test results, modified the network emulator written in C++ to allow for variable latency and dropped packets and analyzed possible causes for high frequency jitter within the simulations, isolated the problem and modified the code to correct.

Mr. Ward was the Lead Software Engineer on the FAA NextGen Simulator study requiring creation of a custom X-Plane extension emulating interactive interfaces for the display of DataCom messages.  Mr. Ward was the Lead Software Engineer on several other projects including a Nonverbal Communications Trainer, a Custom CT Scanner, a JMS Style Pub/Sub System, Image Analysis Tools and a Bone Density Analysis Software and Database.

Tom Danube, Computer Engineer

Tom Danube works as a Computer Engineer for Protobox LLC.  His work on several projects, both commercial and DOD has been invaluable over the years.  Tom specializes in writing code to troubleshoot and debug both hardware and software applications.  Tom has designed and written test simulations to provide diagnostic information, evaluate performance and retrieve measurement information.  Tom also writes code for legacy systems allowing computers to run simulations using the most current technologies including utilities and compilers.  Tom writes drivers for special equipment used in simulation environments that provides an expansion of capabilities for both analog and digital devices otherwise obsolete. Tom’s background also includes networking tasks including installing and maintaining operating systems linking systems to network applications allowing shared information and simultaneous operation.  Tom has an Associate Degree in Electrical Engineering from ITT Technical Institute and over 30 years of experience in his field and certification in multiple software languages.

Mike Denning, Lead Technician

Mike Denning is the Project Coordinator and Technical Lead for Protobox LLC and their contract with the Air Force Research Laboratories (AFRL) at Wright-Patterson AFB.  Mike is responsible for the scheduling, operations, preventative maintenance, repairs and upgrades to multiple simulators utilized by the AVTAS directorate of AFRL.   Mike responsibilities also carry over to the “Immersion Room” utilized by scientists and engineers at AVTAS to visualize Computational Fluid Dynamics.  In this role, Mike integrates state-of-the-art subsystems to insure consistent improvement in simulation monitoring and evaluation capabilities at the directorate.   Mike has over 30 years experience working in the Department of Defense.  He has a Bachelor of Science degree from DeVry University, as well as an Associate Degree in Electronic Technology from the Ohio Institute of Technology.  Mike has twice been recognized as the Directorate VIP.   Mike serves as the President of his local Jaycees and is Vice Mayor for the City of Riverside where he resides.