Business Team

Robert G. Kalinyak, President & Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Kalinyak joined Protobox LLC in 2002 as a managing partner and eventually became the President and majority interest holder. Bob has over 30 years of Electrical Engineering and Project Management experience to draw from. After a successful 20 year career with the USAF Civil Service as a Systems Engineer and Program Manager on various programs from the A-10 Unit Training Device (UTD), the F-16 New Digital Land Mass Simulator (NDRLMS) and GBU-15 Intermediate Part Task Trainer (IPTT). Since Bob joined Protobox he has been instrumental in the company’s success. Bob’s leadership and experience has lead Protobox to a leading government contracting firm with over 90 completed projects. With a degree from Wright State University in Systems Engineering with specialized training in DAU SYS201 Interim Systems Planning, Research, Development, Engineering and Certified as a Level III Acquisition Professional in Systems Planning, Research, Development and Engineering.

Steve Taylor, Chief Operating Officer
Mr. Taylor has more than 25 years of domestic and global business experience conceptualizing ideas, seizing and creating new opportunities, building brick & mortar operations, leading highly successful new business development initiatives, joint ventures, managing mergers & acquisitions, and securing investor financing. With experience within the top tier of Insurance and Financial Services, telecommunications, Internet, and network integration technology companies, with emphasis in customer relationship management, sales management, operations and fulfillment. Steve also sits as Chairman on the board of directors for the ApponoGroup a business consulting firm first brought into Protobox in 2013 to help in moving some of their products to market. Mr. Taylor joined Protobox as the Chief Operating Officer 1 May 2014 with a distinct mission to grow Protobox within the Government Contracting and Commercial Private Sectors. Mr. Taylor has also lived abroad immersed in the culture for over 20 years developing successful business’s in Latin America, Southeast Asia, and Europe. His understanding of the offshore markets and drivers that influence productivity and revenue add valuable insight when engaging opportunities internationally.

As a highly decorated military veteran in the United States Army, with an MBA in Business Administration with minors in management and accounting. Steve comes with a disciplined and seasoned background to help guide companies through change and challenge to profitable growth.